Friday, February 2, 2018

What Can You Expect At A Microdermabrasion Spa?

Microdermabrasion spas have become a popular alternative to home products for people with damaged or neglected skin. Home products are great for everyday maintenance, but some cases call for professional measures.

Store-bought products aren't enough to treat skin that has been overexposed or damaged by a severe case of acne. Some skin care clinics and spas are owned or operated by a licensed esthetician who has the training and tools needed to give you the absolute best treatments even if you suffer from very badly damaged skin.

What is Microdermabrasion?

The microdermabrasion is a fairly straightforward process. Human skin is constantly shedding the outer layers and the dead skin cells can build up over time and remain on the surface. As this layer of dead skin cells builds, it reduces the body's production of new skin cells.

When the outer layers are removed the skin increases collagen production and starts to rebuild itself. The end result is skin that is firmer and thicker, making it much healthier.

Keeping this outer layer of dead skin removed encourages the body to keep producing new skin, which is healthier and more youthful in appearance. If the dead skin is left on the body, the healthy skin beneath it will become thinner and start to sag, creating wrinkles.

Why Should I Get Microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion has numerous benefits. Even for people with healthy skin, microdermabrasion can help fight the natural signs of aging that everyone experiences. In addition to having a healthier appearance, removing the outer layer of dead cells will help the skin absorb moisture better and make-up will go on smoother.

If you have scarring from acne or spotty coloration of the skin, microdermabrasion can help rebuild new tissue and reduce hyper-coloration. From fine lines and wrinkles to acne scars, microdermabrasion can be an effective treatment for most skin conditions.

Can I See Just Anyone?

The process of microdermabrasion used to involve ground up stones and shells, but has recently evolved to use diamond-tipped tools and particle-free brushes. Some microdermabrasion spas also take advantage of the exfoliation process and include an infusion to increase the effect of the treatment. This entire process is best performed by a specialist who knows exactly what you need to get healthier skin and has the tools and knowledge to give you the best results.

Having suffered from a serious skin condition is not a requirement for seeking a specialist for microdermabrasion. If you have noticed the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles from the natural process of aging, you are already a candidate for microdermabrasion.

If you have had major issues with your skin, getting a treatment to reduce the appearance of scarring can be a big confidence boosting experience. Your face is what you use to communicate with the world and when you feel good about how you look you can literally put your best face forward.

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